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Create "Prepare your Space for Hackerscouts" Guide

Task: Create "Prepare your Space for Hackerscouts" Guide

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Wednesday, May 15

Work with Hackerscouts team (Sam) to create a guide targeted at members of the Space Federation on how to get their physical space ready and safe for Hackerscouts activities, and release by next month's Monthly Hangout (May 15)

The ideas

  1. help spaces become aware of Hackerscouts activities for families
  2. link to guild formation documentation
  3. focus on the physical space itself and what needs to be done to make it "Hackerscouts Friendly"

Example content:

  1. Setting up tables 
  2. Providing ample power
  3. Create sign in sheet
  4. Post the Reporting accidents & injuries form (Knowledge in Space Federation)
  5. Understanding Working with Minors (Knowledge in Hackerscouts and Makerscouts) and 6.2: Special considerations for WORKING WITH YOUTH -- DRAFT (Knowledge in Space Federation)

Goal is that more spaces set up guilds and do it safely.


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James, this looks great- but is there a way to change my email so these are going to my hacker scouts account instead? I don't check this account as often. Thanks!