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(PGI) Project Grants Initiative

Task: (PGI) Project Grants Initiative

Assigned To: 
Due Date: 
Saturday, Dec 29


(PGI) Project Grants Initiative

The purpose of the initiative is to launch projects that create interest in NESIT, revenue for the space, or off a public service in line with the values and mission of NESIT.



A special fund will be created -  For every project approved NESIT will credit that member 3 months of dues, once up and running all active members will have there dues paid for in full.


How: Projects will be proposed to the board in a 10minute presentation.

  • FREE training events and classes (day/multi day/week/month),
    • Metasploit
    • Windows
    • Electronics
  • FREE large scale community events,
    • external community events and charity 
  • Large Complex Projects for public benefit and interest
    • City Wifi
    • Flood detectors for homeless shelters, sensor projects ect..
  • Research Projects
    • New Devices, inventions ect..
    • You own the rights to your project

Your Responsibility: 


Your project must have a: 

  • A Scope
  • Summary 
  • Budget along with "operating costs" that will equate to lights, power, phone, alarm for the space.  
  • A set schedule
  • Designated project manager / owner

The Boards Responsibility


The Board will:


     Make a best effort to

          Raise funds for your project

          Promote your project

          Document the progress of your project

     Govern projects

          Making the project owner accountable

          Escalating resources

          Cancleing a project should the need arise

     Mentor membership

          We'll assist you getting people interested

          We'll assist you with building a project scope

          We'll assist you with building a budget for your project

          Your still responsible for all of these things though


The board will entertain projects submissions at each member meeting.

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Latest update:

Working with Jimy on fleshing out multiple documents for differing audiences, and creating training program. Should have a formal update ready for the next board meet.