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Task: Landgrab

Assigned To: 
Jordan Bunker
Due Date: 
Wednesday, Feb 29

BOD + Area Hosts need to figure out where things are going to go. Jordan: what do we need to do to get a scan of the blueprints up? You mentioned they are huge.

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Upstairs blueprints:

Downstairs blueprints: (this print kinda sucks)


Scale is 1/4 inch = 1 foot.  


Rhys, what are the power requirements for the server rack and alls the extra jibblys associated with it?


Generally want a 20 amp circuit. If for some reason we trigger the circuit breaker, my opinion is that we are doing it wrong and adding too much old power hungry crap that costs us money, and I'd prefer we didn't run it. But that is really Toba's call, hes CTO.


Tim, Could you share that folder that the files are in? You labeled the Downstairs addon blueprint as the upstairs.


They're in the public directory of the space's dropbox.   Usual credentials.


Just checked, they're labeled correctly.  I was ignoring the addon and just looking for the cleanest drawing of our space.  Downstairs and upstairs just refers to the front rooms, and the downstairs one shows the bathroom and safe along the middle wall.


OK so I checked my drop box account and I dont see these files.  Send me another share invite.

Secondly what you labeled upstairs is actually the downstairs. It has the wired 5 sided back room on it.

I drew up some plans for the downstairs.  I attached a pdf and the visio file. When I get the upstairs I will draw the upstairs.

Everything is blank so we can sketch what we want and where.



I didn't send you a share, they're in the space's common dropbox account.  If you go to and log in with the email you will find them in the public directory.  You could share that with yourself if you want.

You're right, they are both downstairs.  I was judging by the front room and thought it showed the downstairs area in both, but the drawings of the front are unclear.  The one labeled downstairs is more complete, the one not labeled with a floor should be ignored.

Here's the upstairs drawing with just the front rooms:


Here are the Upstairs sketches.  These are all blank and can have stuff added in. I am at the space and will take inventory of large items and their dimentions so placeholders can be recreated.


Related to the servers, we should make sure that we put them somewhere that the fan sound won't annoy anyone.  Remember, the reason we took them out of the main room at the present location was because the constant sound of the fans was annoying.  One possible location, at least for the smaller Internet server rack, might be to put it in the IT closet upstairs or, maybe, inside the safe downstairs (high security computing ;-) ).


When you start enclosing a server rack you have to account for the heat they generate.  


I created a list of all the Furnature at the space.  This is not the individual tools at the space, just the things that are on the ground. Except the laser cutter cuz everyone is going to ask where the laser cutter is.  I also created a legend where we can color code things to where they will be going.  Each space we have now has a color.  New Spaces can be created. I  can make scale cutouts with the laser cutter to put on our blue prints.  The downstairs blueprint will need to be printed on the wide format printer and the upstairs one needs to be printed on 11x17.  I will be at the space saturday cutting and placeing things and planning our move.

PS sorry for the Excel file.


Wow, awesome job Patrick!


I fucked up my upstairs pdf.  Here ya go.