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Meeting about Hosting Options (Rackspace/SWCP)

Task: Meeting about Hosting Options (Rackspace/SWCP)

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James Carlson

Set up a meeting to discuss Rackspace hosting again in more detail, or other options available from the Federation on colocation/hosting services.

Current options include


  • Southwest Cyberport (Local ISP) who can provide mail list hosting, website hosting and regular backups
  • Rackspace (Federation Account) who can provide server hosting
  • ???

Would like to have Addie and Adric on the call as well, as they are our webpeople.  James has the information about what is available from Rackspace, and a roundtable conversation would be more beneficial. (G+ Hangout?)


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Due Date: Sunday, Oct 7»Sunday, Oct 7

Please ignore the due date; Just let us know when a good time would be for all parties involved.


Due Date: »Sunday, Oct 7

Im all for it,  im good this week evenings are best, Tue, Wed, Thurs(6-10pm MST),  not a big fan of calling in(or anything phone related, but not hard set against it.  Might be able to do a google hangout or whatnot too. 

Currently we have had a quarum of board members agreen we can absorb moving it to SWCP for the $10 non profit hosting.   i have taken the steps to start that, but keep getting staleld on actually successfully moving the wordpress site.  (may need help). 




Love to connect--try me at