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Hackerspace Passport Stamp

Task: Hackerspace Passport Stamp

Assigned To: 
James Carlson

After logo is done, order a rubber stamp to be used by attendees on their Hackerspace Passports.

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Where are you ordering from?

I just got one from which seemed affordable, and was delivered pretty quick.


Or I could laser cut one for you. I've got some laser-engraveable rubber, and I spend more time around laser cutters than my own bed. Just get me a logo file!


Yayy! Sasha, you up to designing one? Similar theme to the baseline for badge?


Like last time Sasha? We could mod the one used from MakerFaire NYC, but replace the robot with the logo for spacefed?


Assigned: Unassigned » Sasha Hay



no problem. I'll have some drafts up soon.


1st draft. 

I think it might be a little busy, but tell me what you think. 

(edit: I'm having some trouble uploading images to atrium. so I'm inserting this on my google plus instead for the time being.)

P.S. This is enlarged by quite a bit so it doesn't look terrible. Ideally this would only be about 2-3 inches in diameter. 


Due Date: »Tuesday, May 8

It's beautiful, let's do it!


Assigned To: Sasha Hay»James Carlson
Due Date: »Tuesday, Sep 18

Reassigning to me.