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Constellation Survey

Task: Constellation Survey



The Constellation Survey has been constructed to take a quantitative analysis of the (insert type here)space movement. While each type of space, and the specific spaces themselves are highly individualized (a fact we hope to encourage), patterns lie beneath the surface. By stepping back from our immersed view of our own spaces, we gain better perspective of what the overall movement looks like.

With this knowledge, it becomes possible to do a number of things:

  • have solid numbers with which to ask for large grants to fund the maker movement
  • know successful patterns and failure tracks
  • request our own zoning designation
  • require insurance policies tailored to our specific needs

Things to ask about:

  • Governance structures
  • Paying bills
  • How spaces are extroverted - bring in new members, safe space, etc
  • How much square footage we cover total
  • Total membership

What would you ask about? (Add a comment below)