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Hacker and Makerspace Floor Plan Gallery

Project: Hacker and Makerspace Floor Plan Gallery

James Carlson
Sasha Hay

We want to create a book of all the hackerspace and makerspace floor plans so we can highlight the awesomeness and diversity of these unique places.

We've already obtained a variety of hand-drawn floor plans from SpaceCamp events at MakerFaire, and we're now asking every space on the planet to provide either a scan of a hand drawn map or a vector floor plan, whichever is fastest.

If you provide a hand-drawn image, our resident digital artist Sasha Hay will create a vector image for you in both SWF and SVG forms, suitable for use in a variety of tools.

We will then put all these floor plans into a Prezi that we can share with the world; we'll also be compiling them into a print book for order online (proceeds to support the Space Federation and Sasha's internship and to broadcast awesome!)

Try to get your floor plan image to us by September 1. To make this easy, we've set up a Dropbox upload form you can use to upload the file directly where Sasha will find it: Send Us your Floorplan!

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