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Getting real - incorporation, insurance, etc

Task: Getting real - incorporation, insurance, etc

Assigned To: 
Jerry Isdale
Due Date: 
Thursday, May 31

Maui Makers has been around for over a year as a Maui LLC, exclusively under founder Jerry Isdale

We need to move beyond this and get a board o directors, incorporation, insurance, etc

Our current benefactors (Community Work Day) are requiring us to get liability insurance. I am persuing this on my own locally. 

Beyond this, the land we are on is under control of the State's Dept of Education. Officially we need to be a non-profit in order to utilize this space.  I'm not sure if the Space Federation umbrella will cover us for this.  Ideally we will be our own 501(c)3 soon.

I'm also hopeful we can move beyond simple makerspace and become a FabLab learning center. I am already a FIRST mentor and will be teaching a "introduce a girl to engineering' class later this month.  I am hoping to get a grant to teach more arduino classes to HS kids.

I realized today I dont have anything here in step 3 "create a case".  So now we have something to discuss & work to solve I guess.

Btw, our space was recently the subject of a segment on "Self Made in Hawaii"  local cable show. You can check out the video on our blog


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Assigned: Willow Brugh » Jerry Isdale

Glad to hear about your progress!

When doing your research as to NPO levels, be sure to ask about both Fiscal Sponsorship and Group Exemption. Our accounting folk got all the paperwork together and we're finally looking at being able to offer GE.

What specific things do you need from me?


I got insurance to cover Maui Makers LLC and we are now in discussion with Hawaii Dept of Edu on gaining usage of a building next to our container.  We are also working on byLaws and Articles of Incorporation so we can move along towards NonProfit Status.

Moral support and encouragement from School Factory is our main need. 

Getting NP umbrella from SF would be good. What is status of that?

Hackerspace Space Program is a new topic.  I'll open that up elsewhere.


Due Date: Sunday, Feb 12»Thursday, May 31

Jerry, take a look at this page and the steps and paperwork within.

Then, schedule a call with me, we'll go over any questions you might have.


Lets plan to talk at Space Camp time.  I'm not sure if I can get time to chat before then.


Quick update on Maui Makers status as of 5/5/12 ...

In the last week the Hawaii Dept of Education, Pu'unene School (Maui Admin area) gave us the use of a bit over 1550sqft of a building - four rooms (22x14 kitchen, a 5x7 'closet', 11x14 shop and 34x31 classroom).  We installed a door between the kitchen and classroom, as the latter may be shared at times with DoEd users.  Oh yeah -- we also get to use the BATHROOMS! (very important, often overlooked need.)

They are also planning to give us a bunch of old computer equipment (desktops, monitors, laptops, scanners, printers) once they get past the end-of-year crunch this month.

I got us some basic liablity insurance to cover the biz (need to extend it to protect CWD and Dept of Edu).

I will be at Space Camp May 17th, before the San Mateo Maker Faire... also be at the faire too. June 1st we have been asked to participate in ArT=MiXX, a 21+ art/mixer at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center.

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