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Implement Constellations database in Atrium

Task: Implement Constellations database in Atrium


We need to start organizing the School Factory's Space Federation information in a more structured manner. Since much of the information itself is already here in this Atrium, we want to extend the capabilities to include additional fields and data.

Willow spent a lot of time working on the Constellations data model -- essentially, creating a database of spaces with statistics, data, membership, location, and other information it will be helpful to have as we work to raise funds and support the spaces.

What we need is:

  • Group of type Space
  • Additional meta-fields applied to Group of type Space (size, # members, stage of growth, etc. list TBD)
  • Relationship between Space and existing User (so we know who is in what space) - could use OG membership for this?
  • Additional roles on users -- "I am primary contact for my space" "I am treasurer for my space" etc.
  • Reports so we can see an overview of the spaces (Views)

Let's use this thread to organize what we want for the details here. This will be an ongoing discussion. I'm setting an ideal deadline for a first release of new features for this Atrium for 5/18/2012. 

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Due Date: Friday, May 18»Friday, Jul 27

Pushing this deadline. We've migrated the old constellation database and will be integrating it into Atrium so spaces can create profiles, and we can start measuring and gathering data! This will help us raise funds. Given our current dev cycle this will take the rest of July to get started.


Assigned To: David Snopek»Dan Vanderboom
Due Date: Friday, Jul 27»Tuesday, Mar 26

Dan, can some of the other work the Brigade is doing enable this task to be completed? It looks like it...:)

Clearing due date--but maybe in Apr / May this can come back to life?

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