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Need determination letter sent to Comcast (account rep contact info enclosed)

Task: Need determination letter sent to Comcast (account rep contact info enclosed)

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Saturday, Apr 14

Figured you guys might appreciate a separate case for this, rather than a random comment on another thread. We have gotten our survey completed, I'm going to sign the papers to get it rolling today, but will need to get a determination letter to ben in order to get all the nonprofit goodies.


Account Rep: Ben Mead (benjamin_mead /at/

Phone: 360-239-0700

I verified that they can accept a copy of the determination letter via electronic means, so emailing it to Ben is probably the easiest option.


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Type: Request»Problem

Ping! Any updates? We've received the first bill from comcast, but the cost doen't go down till they verify our status.




Assigned To: Willow Brugh»ΩMEGA

What's the e-mail address, Justin?


Assigned To: James Carlson»Willow Brugh

I'm calling them today!


Willow - it's in the body of the case, right after his name. I was just trying to obscure it from spiders, and you were probably scanning for something that actually looked like an email address! Thanks for following up on this for us.


I'm oblivious. Taking care of this beginning of day tomorrow.


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Sent. Please follow up with him tomorrow to be sure he received it.


Assigned To: Willow Brugh»ΩMEGA
Status: Resolved»Open

Today, this exchange happened:


Please call 1-800-391-3000 and choose the option for billing.  Let them know that you are a 501c3 and email/fax this document to them.  They will then apply the appropriate discounts.




Just to be sure - we are the fiscally sponsoring organization, not the group ordering your product. If the process is still the same, that's fine, but wanted to be sure.



The process I referred to must be executed by an authorized party on the OlyMega account.  As long as they have the proper paperwork in hand and can forward it to the billing rep they speak with, all will be well.



So, please call the rep, provide them with what they need, and give me a new place to send the docs to.


Ugh, sorry about the run-around, Willow! I've called them as well, and when I tried to explain the situation to the rep who answered, they escalated it to "advanced support" with an expected callback  in 24-48 hours. yay comcast!

I tagged my local rep's voice mail as well, explained the situation and left my case #. i'm sure it will work itself out eventually.



I also just left a message with Ben, citing James's blog post. Let me know if they get back to you?


No such luck, I continue to get the run-around. I tried to get them to bring up records for School Factory (and other variations) but ended up getting nowhere.

If your or james can forward me a copy of the determination letter, so that I can provide it when I call, I think that's our best bet for getting this resolved, without creating more work for you guys.


I got the go-ahead from James to go ahead and just put the letter in the Notebook.

Exemption Letter (Book page in Space Federation)


From what I understood the last time we talked to Comcast, they already have a School factory account with all this information on file. The previous rep instructed us to tell spaces to simply connect under that account and they would then apply the discount.


What would the details of that account be? Do people just say "School Factory" and the phone booth drops them into a secret layer, or is there more info to reference?


I realize now that I should have tried "Shibboleet" instead of "School Factory"

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