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Sample donation letter for donors requesting 501(c)(3)

Task: Sample donation letter for donors requesting 501(c)(3)

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Due Date: 
Friday, May 11

PS:One needs a sample donation letter on the appropriate letter head to give to donors arraging for gifts. I spoke with James about this this evening and am following up on Atrium as requested. Please send along any appropriate paperwork as soon as possible.


Nathan Witt

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Got it--can you send me contact and address? Phone preferably so I can make sure I give them what is needed?


Beep Beep--can you share requested info?


Sorry, universe has it out for me this week. I don't have a phone number but I can do (e)mail address

CJ Nedic

The Jellyvision Lab

848 W. Eastman St. #104

Chicago, IL 60642


Assigned To: James Carlson»nathaner
Type: Request»Problem
Due Date: Tuesday, Apr 17»Friday, May 11

Sorry about the delays--it's been a heavy couple of weeks!

I've attached the standard template that we would modify to fit your needs. Your donor should use the Donate to Space form to track their donation. We would then customize the attached template for them. Is this what you need?


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Oh-forgot to attach.

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