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Fiscal Sponsorship

Task: Fiscal Sponsorship

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James Carlson

Foomatic is a Makerspace/Hackerspace and Co-working space in Montgomery, AL.  Over the weekend we created our Board of Directors, elected officers, and approved our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  We would like to get going with fiscal sponsorship soon so that we can start fundraising.  Can we get a conference call together sometime with you and our board?

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Assigned To: Willow Brugh»James Carlson

Let's set something up: to claim a slot.


I set up two timeslots, 6pm -6:30pm CST and 6:30pm - 7pm CST, both tomorrow (5/24).  I apologize that I couldn't get this done any sooner, but we had to work out some internal scheduling conflicts. 


Status: Open»Deferred
Due Date: Monday, May 21»Friday, Jun 29

Pushing out until late June; we will check back in with Foomatic around that time. Initial call was great, notes are in Google docs.


Status: Deferred»Open
Due Date: Friday, Jun 29»Monday, Jul 30

Hi Tim, ready to start talking again? How are things going?


Due Date: »Tuesday, Jul 31

We've been taking your advice and moving slowly.  I think we realized that it wasn't all going to happen overnight, so we've been concentrating on growing membership and finding interesting projects to work on.  A few of us are working on clearing out a space in the garage so that we can have a real workshop, but ultimately it's not really what we want.  We have some inroads with a local business that is intersted in talking about co-location, but that would be next year before anything comes of it.

A few interesting things have happened, though.

  • We were mentioned on the Hackerspace Digest podcast, from the guys at Makers Local 256 I wound up talking to a bunch of them on IRC the next day
  • We've been looking into working with the Alabama Shakespeare Festival on some promotions for their 2012-2013 productions.
  • We have some contacts inside the City of Montomgery  that we can discuss disused/underutilized spaces within the downtown area.  The problem is that most of the disused buildings need major overhaul before they can be safely occupied.
  • We have 14 members on the Facebook group, but yet to have most of them meet in person

I think we'll probably be in a better position to talk later on in the fall. 

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