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Set up Paypal button for MSHM

Task: Set up Paypal button for MSHM

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Thursday, Jul 26

Create Paypal button Mothership can use for donations through Fiscal Sponsorship.

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Status: Open»Resolved

Button code is attached. Please note you will need to create a page at which is where a donor will be sent after they contribute.


Hi James,

Can you clarify where the mothership-button.html goes? I know it must go in our Kickstarter application form. Does it also need to be on our website, where any donations go into School Factory's account? Right now the donate button goes into our account, and I thought you said that could stay as is. We're redesigning our site now, before we launch the Kickstarter. Can you let me know in the next day or two?



Sho Sho 




Assigned To: James Carlson»Lisha Sterling

Code is in the Drupal theme that I'm uploading this weekend.


Assigned To: Lisha Sterling»shoshosmith
Status: Resolved»Open

Sho Sho, here is the task with the Paypal button code in it!


Hi Again,

Another Kickstarter question. I'm filling out the form and Amazon Payments is requiring me to add bank account information. Should that your bank account or ours? If yours, I'll need the info.

Amazon is also asking me to fill out a 1099-K Tax Document Interview. Since you are processing the donations, would you fill out this part?

You sent the Donate button information, but I can't find a place where the HTML goes in the Kickstarter form. Did you mean for the Donate button to go on our group website?

Sorry for all the questions, and thanks for your help in answering them.



Sho Sho



Assigned To: shoshosmith»James Carlson

Hi Sho Sho -- I got your voicemail, and unfortunately don't know much about Kickstarter Campaigns or Amazon Payment buttons (yet) so I can't help you directly.

I have reassigned this task to James, as I hope his reponse will additionally serve as training for me.

Wish I could do more.


Sho Sho, I need access to your Kickstarter account to provide our Amazon Payments information. You don't need to do anything else for that. Can you just change your password and then tell me what it is via email so I can login and get you setup?

Meghan, I'll document the steps for you.

As far as the Donate button goes, I think you should replace the donate button you have currently with our button, else the donations cannot be recorded as tax deductible. If you want, put me in touch with whoever is doing your site and I can walk them through it.

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