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Coordinating Space Federation around Compliance

Project: Coordinating Space Federation around Compliance

Meghan Koven

I spoke yesterday with Maureen Carruthers, and she is going to assist me with 3-4 hours/month of volunteer time in getting the Space Federation "division" organizated and ready for communication distributions about compliance issues. We discussed the following plan of attack:

Problem: Meghan can't currently communicate with spaces that don't use Atrium and/or don't attend the monthly call (I'm guessing this makes up approximately 30% of all spaces, both fiscally sponsored and not.) So it's not a good use of resources for me to schedule a monthly call about fiscal sponsorship/group exemption/handbook until some legwork has been accomplished.

Solution plan: Focus first on those spaces that are most "in the loop" and work outwards

Step 1 = Create master contact list for each space.

  • I've already started this with my questionnaire, but there are spaces that have not filled it out.
  • I took the existing Space Federation Onboarding doc and added columns to capture needed information (Columns B-G), and then filled in as much of as I could based on the responses provided me from my questionnaire.
  • I am now going to leverage the assistance of a Bucketworks Intern to assist me in researching/sourcing contact info for spaces I do not have.

Step 2 = Continue reworking Space Federation Onboarding doc to include step-by-step sequential checklist of onboarding tasks the SF & spaces need to accomplish

Step 3 = Reach out to all spaces to determine:

  1. What "level" of engagement they have/are interested in
    1. Do they want to be a part of the Space Federation?
      1. Where are they "at" in the process of onboarding? (See onboarding checklist)
      2. Where is the School Factory "at" in completing their required tasks for onboarding the space?
    2. Do they want to be fiscally sponsored by the School Factory?
      1. Are they ultimately seeking their own 501(c)3 status?
      2. Do they want the School Factory to sponsor them indefinitely?
        1. Where are they "at" in the process of being fiscally sponsored?
      3. How do they feel about  moving to a Group Exemption model?
        1. Discuss pros and cons
  2. Update spreadsheet as appropriate as spaces work their way through the process

Step 4 = Continue outreach to Space Federation around compliance issues/changes that are coming down the pike:

  1. Organizational Policies (Handbook)
  2. Fiscal Sponsorship vs. Group Exemption

Ongoing = Continue to identify spaces not currently using Atrium/Monthly Calls into this process


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