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NESIT Hackerspace

Project: NESIT Hackerspace


The New England Society of Information and Technology, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Meriden, CT


NESIT’s specific charitable and educational mission is to create, educate, and foster learning in the fields of computer, information and communications technology, word working, metal working, and other disciplines while exploring the benefits of productivity through volunteer collaboration.

Specific goals include:

- Providing education, training and services to Members of NESIT and members of the public

- Developing the skills of NESIT members and community participants in the use, maintenance and preservation of information technology software and hardware through hands-on training, teaching and collaborative building and design projects

- Providing refurbished equipment to public institutions and charitable organizations, thereby improving access to technology and lessening the burdens on government

- Benefiting the community by improving participants’ understanding of security issues related to the use of information technology, and teaching techniques for safely managing personal information and sensitive data


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