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Reorganize Space Fed Notebook Content

Task: Reorganize Space Fed Notebook Content

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, Dec 14

The Space Federation Notebook has a ton of great information, but it's currently difficult to locate. I am going to reorganize all of the Notebook content around the following 5 major topics, and am looking for your feedback about this plan of attack. Feel free to suggest additional topics I should use as well.

  1. Leadership Development
    1. What Space Leaders need to know about Compliance:
      1. Legal
      2. Accounting
      3. Tax
      4. Human Resources
        1. Managing Paid Staff
        2. Managing Volunteers
      5. Insurance
      6. Safety
        1. Access Control to your Space
        2. Managing risk related to potentially hazardous environments
    2. Succession Planning for your Space
    3. Education & Learning Resources for Spaces
    4. Membership Guidance
      1. Serving members that are minors?
    5. Diversity & Inclusion Considerations
  2. Community Development
    1. Make-A-Space Kit & information
    2. Lists of Space Fed members/bios/locations
    3. Monthly Space Federation Call information
    4. Makerfaire Guidance
    5. Unconference Guidance
    6. School Factory Marketing & Communication Resources available to Spaces
  3. Technology
    1. OpenAtrium
    2. Technology donation opportunities
  4. Advocacy
    1. The term "Hackerspace"
    2. Educating "the man" about your Space & gaining their buy-in
  5. Fund Development & Sustainability
    1. Fiscal sponsorship opportunities with the School Factory
      1. Getting ready for Fiscal Sponsorship: Things to consider
      2. Required Fiscal Sponsorship paperwork
      3. School Factory expectations for fiscally sponsored entities
      4. How to accept donations
      5. How donations are processed by the School Factory
    2. Donation Types
    3. Donation Reports: Who got what and when?
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Due Date: Friday, Nov 9»Friday, Nov 30

Nowhere close on this due to current workload. Moving due date.


Due Date: Friday, Nov 30»Friday, Dec 14

Need more time. Moving due date


Status: Open»Deferred

Deferring for now.


Assigned To: Meghan Koven»James Carlson

Reassigning to James due to my departure.

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