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National Day of Civic Hacking


National Day of Civic Hacking



There's a thing I'm helping with called Day of Civic Hacking. The idea is that cities participate in linking government folk and data to local citizens. Over the first weekend of June, folk might get together to explore challenges their location faces, to start to develop (software or otherwise) ways of addressing those challenges, or to just get to know about each other and processes together. Yes, I know the term "hacking" is a loaded one, especially in this context, but I really do feel this is some governmental groups doing civic engagement "less wrong", and want to help them in this process.
I wonder if any of you fine folk would care to have your space participate. What I imagine is a sort of show-and-tell and unconference day, perhaps with some work being done, or at least a better understanding of the community being reached.
We're working with groups like open.NASA, open.FEMA, the census bureau, and local universities to hold their hands while they open up more data and learn to engage with the public. The goal is to hold at least one in each state, specific to the needs and vibe of the group organizing and their location. The only role we would play is a reference point to find each event, and whatever other help you would like.
Let us know if you'd like to play via The event is taking place in conjunction with Random Hacks of Kindess, and is also partnered with Code For America's Brigade meetings, so there are plenty of ways to engage. You can also do whatever sort of event you like.
Let me know if you have any questions!
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