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Investigate options for Atrium email notification customization

Task: Investigate options for Atrium email notification customization

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, Mar 8

NESIT would like to know whether or not Atrium email notifications could be customized to include the NESIT name.

The goal would be for themto know when Atrium was notifying them specifically about NESIT business. Right now all notifications only list "[School Factory]" and they are wondering if it could say, "[NESIT Atrium]," or something along those lines.
It can be time consuming digging through all the notifications that may or may not be associated with NESIT business.
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We can't customize the templates per group BUT we can customize the templates to include the group name! So, we could make a global change that all Atrium notifications from this site ( will start with "[group name]".

I know that Stacy was working on some new HTML e-mails templates, and I think I remember something about plans to make the group name more prominent. The BucketB task is here:

However, this is a simple customization that we could just make here outside of that effort. I'd just need approval from someone who can speak for the School Factory that this is what they want!


Assigned To: Meghan Koven»James Carlson
Due Date: Tuesday, Feb 26»Friday, Mar 8

Reassigning to James, as he is the person that can provide the final approval on this for how David Snopek should proceed.

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