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Hayhackers of Hayward

Project: Hayhackers of Hayward

James Carlson


Hackerspace in Hayward

Why Hacker?  The word also means to build or make something new based on something already built.

What is a Hackerspace? A community-operated  workspace that is also family and homeschool friendly where computer programmers, metal workers, textile workers, electronic artists, digital artists, woodworkers etc. come together to share tools and space to make their inventions.

What is in a Hackerspace? A place housing expensive tools where people can share expensive tool to make their inventions.  Tons of tables and chairs. Plenty of books for people to learn about various topics. A bathroom, kitchen and shower to help feed and clean people working on their projects. Lots of donated hardware for teaching and projects. Workshops and seminars to learn how to work with microprocessors (such as arduinos and Raspberry Pis), fix/make electronic devices (circuit hacking), program, and any other creative/technical skill-sharing.

Who is it for? People of all ages.  It is accessible to everyone and will be family and homeschool friendly. Even children will learn to solder, build circuitboards and work on their projects to fulfill their STEAM curriculum expectations.  Even better, it is a true, hands-on learning lab through co-teaching. It will also host Hacker Scouts, a scouting program focused on hacking skills.  

Will there be a fee? Eventually when we are beyond the planning stage, there will be a monthly membership fee to cover the cost of rent, utilities, etc. Option to volunteer if unable to pay.

Where? In an out of business empty car dealership along Mission Blvd. near South Hayward Bart Station or anywhere in Hayward

Why do we need this?  Having one will bring together all the geeks, nerds, artists, hands on machinists, crafters and inventors in our city as well as provide an educational and creative outlet for some of the troubled youths in our area, making Hayward a place where new inventions are born. With such a place, new businesses and companies would be attracted to our city as a place to live, work and be educated.

What will be special about Hayhackers? It will have two sections. One section will be family and homeschool friendly and the other will be adults only. Adult family members can leave and use the adult section tools and facilities but our aim is to keep dangerous tools/chemicals away from little fingers and mouths.

If you are interested in being a part of this great project join our hackerspace email list, Hayhackers: or go to, register, and search for Hayhackers, click on hackerspace in Hayward and  press join now  or send blank email to or send email to Carolyn for further information or help to:

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