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Access control solutions

Task: Access control solutions

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Monday, Aug 12

On May 6, Jen-Mei and James met to talk about membership management, fundraising, and access control. James said that there are several axes control solutions that are affordable and which could work for LOL's set up. To recap, here are some requirements:

  • We have two doors. The outer door is a metal security door and the inner door has a wood frame. James mentioned that it would be possible to set it up so that the strikes for both doors open at once.
  • We would probably like to make sure that the doors close and lock themselves if someone opens the door and walks in.
  • We would like to be able to handout fobs to a variety of people who have different access (for example, different hours).
  • We would like to be able to add and remove people from the database as needed.
  • We would like to have access logs.
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