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Convert existing hand-drawn floor plans into SWF/SVG format

Task: Convert existing hand-drawn floor plans into SWF/SVG format


In dropbox I've put all the hand-drawn hackerspace floor plans from around the USA which I photographed at highest possible res. Please convert these into line art (live trace) and SWFs so we can drop them into Prezi. Also, export each as an SVG once it's vectorized, so we can use them in other tools.

As you do each space, attach the SWF and SVG to a comment in this case with the name of the space; attach both files so folks can download them. 

Also, the JotForm I set up will start posting files that are uploaded to a dropbox folder which I've shared with you; they'll start to trickle in from spaces as we get the word out.

Thank you!


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I've run all of the files (or, in the case of multiple shots, the best of each drawing) through GIMP, adjusted their contrast and rendered them as jpegs. They are all in the same folder, each new file titled after it's previous incarnation, with " edit" added to the name. I'll start tracing and rendering swfs now.


Where is this dropbox?

We have floor plans drafted up, and can export to SVG:


Here are the swfs, if anyone would like an edit, just let me know and I'll make sure it gets made.


and here are the svgs...


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Now I am glad I stopped by, it seems that here is all I need to know to handle my manufactured homes floor plans. Thanks for sharing all the info, I never thought I would need help at this step but I did.

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