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Update Space Federation Overview Video

Task: Update Space Federation Overview Video

Assigned To: 
James Carlson

Re-dub the video / prezi created at CCC in 2011 to provide an overview of what the Space Federation does, and embed video in the slot where the current TED video is posted.

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Status: Open » Resolved

Since I swapped out the video with the TEDx talk, this is no longer important.


Status: Resolved » Open
Assigned: Sasha Hay » James Carlson

I think the TEDx talk is great for introducing people to the general idea of School Factory, but doesn't show what Space Federation does. Do people want to take a look at it and see if they think it covers the aspects of what we do?

Alternatively, we could dub over the Camp talk we gave.


Let's dub over the Camp talk prezi and do it that way. Better bet. TEDx doesn't really cover all of School Factory--the whole TED talk was about Space Federation--so somewhere we have to make yet another video that talks about the other half of what SF does.


Priority: Normal»High
Due Date: Friday, Apr 20»Friday, Jul 13

Updating deadline and increasing priority. This will be folded into the overall effort to more clearly communicate what we do.


Priority: High»Normal
Due Date: Friday, Jul 13»Tuesday, Mar 26

Not quite a year later, I think we have more material that can be used for this video. The public site now has better information that we can use for a script. Clearing due date.

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