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Fiscal Sponsorship

Task: Fiscal Sponsorship

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, Jul 13

Already got docs to Joe, need to have a call with him about what questions they have.

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Assigned: Willow Brugh » Joe Pugh

 LVL1 is interested in Group Exemption, *not* fiscal sponsorship, yes?


Assigned: Joe Pugh » Willow Brugh

LVL1 was filing paperwork to get 501C3 status with the IRS but has ran into a hickup along the way.  We are currently looking at group exemption and fiscal sponsorship at this time.  I will be redistributing the documentation for it.  Would it be possible to set up a call with you some time in the future?


Assigned: Willow Brugh » Joe Pugh

Mos def. to set up a call time

and check out


Last night LVL1s members held and past a vote to alow LVL1 to join into fiscal sponsorship with School Factory.  LVL1 will continue to work on gaining 501c3 status for itself also.


Assigned: Joe Pugh » Willow Brugh

Will documentation need to be sent digitaly or is scanned and emailed documentation acceptable?


Scanning and emailing is fine. 


Assigned: Willow Brugh » Joe Pugh

Assigning to Joe until paperwork is in.


Due Date: »Thursday, May 3

James, would you happen to be free on Tue the 1st @ 9pm eastern time for a call with the lvl1 directors?


Due Date: »Tuesday, May 1

Joe, I've set up a calendar slot for 8p CST / 9p EST to skype with your directors. My Skype ID is Bucketworks. Looking forward to talking!


Assigned To: James Carlson»Joe Pugh
Due Date: Tuesday, May 1»Friday, May 11

Joe, I just wanted to confirm that I am looking for a chance to speak with your treasurer. I don't think I've received any comms from them yet, so wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me on the Skype. 


Assigned To: Joe Pugh»drphonon

Mark please get in touch with James.


Assigned To: drphonon»James Carlson
Type: Problem»Task

I don't know how to use this so I hope this is the correct method.

James, I am way behind in getting together with you to discuss our responsibilities at LVL1 regarding fiscal sponsorship. School just ended for the summer for I have free time. Are you available to have a conversation soon? I am on Skype or we can discuss over email.


You are using it correctly. I'd suggest sending him an invite at


Due Date: Friday, May 11»Friday, Jul 13

Mark, I've bumped the deadline--just let me know when we can talk! I'm also at 414-215-0215, but to claim time check as Willow suggested.

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