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Task: Techsoup?

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Friday, Jun 15

I recall seeing somewhere that Space Federation was already a member of techsoup and could get us discounted software.  We just got a bunch of computers donated and were hoping it would be possible to get Windows 7 licenses for some of them.

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I don't know about TechSoup, tho I just met a few of their people at a RHoK meeting. Maybe this is something James has set up?

If you can ask your contacts there, I can send our Letter of Support for NOVA labs to them so they can pass on their Nonprofit deals to you. Post the address (preferably e-mail) here and I'll get it out!

PS, if you assign a task to me, I'll see it much earlier.


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Bump. I have a meeting with some people of TechSoup over the next two weeks. Anything I can do?


Due Date: Thursday, May 17»Friday, Jun 15

See related task: Software purchase question (Task in Space Federation) and related page Tech Soup Shopping List (Book page in Space Federation)

Jason if you add your stuff to that page we can coordinate a mass-buy.

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