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Project: OlyMEGA


OlyMEGA (formerly known as HakOlyHak) is maker group based in Olympia, Washington. We've been meeting at shared locations for approximately 1.5 years, and are now searching for our first permanent space.

We have a number of regular and ad-hoc meetings. The "normal" meeting is held on the last Saturday of each month, at the Olympia Timberland Library meeting room. These meetings usually have a set topic and presenter, and are the venue for "official" group business.

Twice a month (alternate Thursdays) we have a meeting ostensibly focused on Arduino, but which in practice is just a free-for-all hack night.

In addition to these regular meetings, we also conduct classes/workshops on various topics. Our next classes (as of this writing, 1/5/12) will teach students how to design and fabricate circuit boards from start to finish. This series of workshops begins with a tutorial on how to use EAGLE. Future workshops in this series will cover DIY board etching (toner transfer), surface mount and through-hole soldering, and utilizing "board houses" to have your design professionally fabricated.

We're excited to make the jump to being a "real" hackerspace soon, but have been wrestling with issues like dues structure, 501c3 status, and finding the "right" space, rather than jumping at the first one to come along.

Our main web presence is

Meetings are coordinated through our meetup site, reachable via

Looking forward to learning some tips and tricks from other spaces and from the Space Federation!

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