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Create Interest Meeting for Space Prezi

Task: Create Interest Meeting for Space Prezi

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Tuesday, Aug 21

Create a prezi that a new community can use to host an interest meeting for potential community members to form a new makerspace, hackerspace, or collaborative space.

(Inspired by work on Spring City Launchpad and Barrel of Makers.)

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Updated prezi here but still want to develop the follow-up and full timeline of the process through the four phases.


James, We in Jefferson County are just gearing up to work through the four phases. We will have slightly different experiences seeing as, so far at least, we are a county-wide effort -- rural county at that -- and not a citywide effort. Nevertheless, we are at the beginning of the Discovery Phase, and will share our experiences here as to how it unfolds (and time taken, detours made, lucky breaks, and so on.) We invite you in on our efforts throughout.