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design poster for Spring City Launchpad

Task: design poster for Spring City Launchpad

Due Date: 
Thursday, Jan 31

Don't list specific meeting time & place, so the poster can continue to be used and remain relevant (a separate meeting time/place card could be attached to the poster).

What should the message be?

  • Who is our target audience? How can we target them?
  • What is a makerspace? Who benefits from it? What goes on there?
  • How does it invite people to get involved? And view our website...

How should we have it printed?

  • Let's not printing it out ourselves this time. Colorful fliers went through a lot of expensive ink. We can do this more economically through a professional print service.
  • What size poster? We should have one that fits well on a door. Does it make sense to print a bigger version as well?



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Project: Discovery»Outreach
Due Date: Wednesday, May 23»Tuesday, Jul 31

Moving task to Outreach project.


The poster design should include a short web link to a donations page.



I was at the American Science and Surplus store yesterday and saw a Milwaukee Makerspace promotional poster displayed there.  I'd say it was about 30" high by 18" wide.

I'm thinking we should consider making a few prints of our poster design that can be semi-permanently posted at places (assuming they'll let us) in addition to one we can take with us to events.



Attachments: »+

I was able to get a quote from a local print shop for banners...

Indoor banners are $5.00/sq.ft.

Outdoor banners are $7.00/sq.ft.

Minimum order charge is $50.00


Most popular sizes are 8’ x 3’, 6’ x 3’, 8’ x 4’


I have started a design using dimensions 2' x 4'

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the meeting this coming Sunday, but I would like feedback on the prelim design... (see attachement)



Did Paul Sperbeck mention a plotter during the last meeting? Could that be used for our banner?


Maybe can we add a QR code to the banner.   Have the point to something we can track the number of times scanned.

The web content it brings the scanner to could then have content we can update with details for that specific meeting.

"Wanna see what were talking about this week... Scan this"



"Wanna see what we're talking about this week... Scan this"

I like it. A lot. Is it possible to link a QR code to all social outlets? Or to link them all into a website? Preferably a single can be a lot of work following everything we've done on the innerwebs!


QR codes can just about any data you want in them.

We could make it a nice small QR code that points to a google short url like this:

This keeps stats and redirects the user to

And here is the QR code for it.

So we can either put the social content links on the /meeting page... use an existing landing page... lot's of ways.

Here is one that redirects to the /social url