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Project: Leadership

Dan Vanderboom
Paul Sperbeck
Mike Helbig
Ryan Lowerr

Leadership is about managing the legal entity of the space, shaping and determining its vision, mission, and principles, and supporting the efforts of the other teams and groups focused on Community, Outreach, Tools, Environments, Experiences, and Resources.

  • Drafting vision, mission, values, principles statements
  • Filing articles of incorporation
  • Coordinating and supporting the work of the other teams
  • Determining governance, bylaws, and procedures for operating a non-profit organization
  • Recruiting additional leadership team members

This project contains tasks that are a 'to do list' for Leadership activities. When the Leadership Team meets together or does work individually, they can use the tasks here as an agenda and talking points.

Project Tasks
Task Due Assigned Priority Type Status Updatedsort icon Likes
Draft Mission Statement 1587 days late Normal Task Open 4 years ago