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Project: Experiences

Mike Helbig

People join a space because of the Experiences they will have--using Tools in the Environments, sometimes created by the wider community (Outreach) and sometimes by the members (Community.) The Experiences team focuses on selecting, creating, scheduling, describing, and measuring events, classes, programs, and other activities.

  • Create and maintain a list of possible events and experiences
  • Draft a regular schedule for the space (what happens regularly, repeating events, calendar of the year)
  • Coordinate with the Outreach team on experiences brought into the space from the community
  • Coordinate with the Community team on experiences created by members of the space
  • Collect, review, and share data on participation and feedback from Experiences

This project contains tasks that are a 'to-do list' for Experiences activities. When the Experiences Team meets or does work, they can use the tasks here as an agenda and talking points.