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Create shared list of starting tools and equipment

Task: Create shared list of starting tools and equipment

Assigned To: 
Mike Helbig
Due Date: 
Sunday, Apr 14

Create a list of the ideal tools and equipment that would make the space most useful to the community.

Google Spreadsheet of Tools and Equipment (no sign in required)

Include as many details as possible. This will help in space and environment selection, help determine which safety rules to create, and design the layout of the space.

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Paul would you attach your spreadsheet here?


Hi James As you will see, I don't use spreadsheets for a living... :>) The total area was a WAG factored on the footprint of what I have entered to date. You need to start somewhere. paul


I've started to put some items in the list.   I have some research to do though to fill in the columns, but didn't want to leave things off the list just because I don't know the details yet.  

I'd rather note them now before I forget the idea and we can also yank things off the list if we decide it's loony.

I'm trying to have a somewhat diverse list that could attract people with different interests.



I added some ideas to the list as well, figured I'd put them on there while I remembered them.



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I'm unable to view this spreadsheet. I requested access.


Due Date: Saturday, Aug 4»Thursday, Jan 31

Bumping due date to the end of January. We're aiming to incorporate before the end of 2012, so this is unnecessary at this point as we aren't close to opening our space yet.