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Publicize Open Workshop Events on websites

Task: Publicize Open Workshop Events on websites

Assigned To: 
Chasity L. Beer
Due Date: 
Saturday, Dec 22

If you can update the Facebooks, the Websites, and the Atriums with the schedule of forming the Spring City Launchpad:

Regular Open Make sessions at the Bookstore 2nd Sundays, 2pm

Regular Open Plan sessions on G+ 2nd Tuesdays, 8pm

Start point for public blog:

Start point for public planning:

Post a comment on this task if you change a thingie. James, I'm assigning this to you to update Atrium's little dashboard box first. Then you can assign this to Dan to do the website, ok?

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Assigned To: James Carlson»Dan Vanderboom

Ok, I updated the home page's little box on OpenAtrium.

(This is meant to be a tie between the planning spot and the real world.) Dan, I'm passing this to you to do Maybe we can put a little more info there about the open making session so people have ideas for projects they can bring and share?


Assigned To: Dan Vanderboom»Chasity L. Beer
Due Date: Tuesday, Aug 21»Saturday, Dec 22

In our meeting today, we identified Chasity as the likely candidate for the Communications Director on the board. Chasity has redone the website, and has expressed interest in coordinating communications, so I'm assigning this task to her.