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Create by laws

Task: Create by laws

Assigned To: 
Dan Vanderboom
Due Date: 
Saturday, Dec 22

everyone to review the by laws. 

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Due Date: Sunday, Dec 16»Saturday, Dec 22

Today we discussed most of the bylaws that Milwaukee Makerspace and Pumping Station: One have created for their use. They have been copied into Google Docs, so that we can comment on them (using the Google Docs sidebar commenting feature) collaboratively. These documents can be found here:

Milwaukee Makerspace Bylaws: Pumping Station: One Bylaws:

Please feel free to leave comments, questions, or reply to existing comments, but leave the bylaw text itself unchanged (so we can all be sure to review the same information).

I'll give everyone a few days (until 12/19/2012) to make comments and recommendations, and then I'll begin to write our own version of our bylaws in a new Google document, which you can find here:

We can then go through a few rounds of reviewing, revising, and proof-reading before forming the Spring City Launchpad legal entity.

If you have problems accessing the document, just request access and I'll make sure you get it.