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Design and build a Frostruder attachment for the 3D printer

Task: Design and build a Frostruder attachment for the 3D printer

Assigned To: 
Mike Helbig
Due Date: 
Sunday, Mar 10

This is a combined fundraiser / outreach tool that can be used to decorate cookies with techie designs on them.  The 3D printer with frosting extruder attachment could be featured at social events to generate interest in SCLP.  The 3D printer would be setup and demonstrate it's capabilities by printing frosting on the cookies in patterns.  This would serve as a draw for interested people, a conversation starter about what a makerspace is, and present an opportunity to sell pre-made and printed cookies.

The 3D printer could also be used in advance to print out cookie cutters for cutting out cookies in techie shapes for frosting on the 3D printer.

Cookie ideas include:

  • Resistors
  • Transistors
  • IC chips
  • Arduinos
  • OP amps
  • 7 Segment displays
  • SCLP logo?

The printing table could also be fitted with an insert that would properly position and align the cookies on the table for automated frosting.

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This is a great idea! I can't wait!


What kind of files can you use as input for the cookie cutter and frosting files? SVG? DXF? PDF?