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Jenn Turner

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Jenn Turner
Jenn Turner
School Factory, Bucketworks, Bucket Brigade

I can be reached at

I've worked in non-profit, been an entrepreneur, put on the golden handcuffs of institutional education. I am a shutterbug-in-training, amateur chef, lover of alternative education/learning models, web research ninja, clotheshorse, writer, occasional actress, cat-lover, hag, shower-singer, music-lover and friend to all lost causes
Co-workers and peers notice my work, if there is an issue you approach from a place of calmness, bring problems to me right away - don't wait!
I work very hard at balance, I am a yoga and pilates addict, I cook healthy food, and enjoy conversation, dancing, and the internet.
I like how directly impactful my work in the social sphere is, I love working with smart people and will always lend a hand when something is needed. I believe in democracy, I believe in the way it supports and creates health for those in democratic organizations. I want to hear your voice and know you through your emanations.
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