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Set up Server Density on SF's shared server

Task: Set up Server Density on SF's shared server

Assigned To: 
David Snopek
Due Date: 
Thursday, Jul 5

David, can you link the SF's SD account with the server? The BB is covering the cost. Please share monitoring data as publicly as appropriate here: Shared Rackspace Server (Book page in Workshop)

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I'll set this up tomorrow or Monday. One quick question: who should the e-mail alerts be sent to? Since this is a community effort, maybe it could be a list of people with logins to the machine?


I've made a new group for this purpose called sharedserver. Anyone who has a reason to pay attention to the server can join that group and receive email updates from the server.

What email address will the alerts come _from_ so I can add it as a member?


Note, this is a google group, for email remailing. If you want to be added, let me know and I'll add you. So far it's James, David.


The alerts come from:

I'll get this e-mail added to server density in a moment.


Actually, what is the e-mail for the group? I tried: and it failed.