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Create School Factory branding kit

Task: Create School Factory branding kit

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, May 11

We need a portable branding and PR kit that we can take on the road for talking about the School Factory and its activities:

  • Brochure - one for the School Factory as a non-profit
  • Business Cards - for James, Willow, and others
  • Banner - vinyl, something we can hang, logo, website, twitter
  • Mission Poster - a poster featuring our mission, vision, and ideals
  • General Poster - a splash art poster
  • Stickers - logo sticker, mission sticker, lots of stickers

What else could we make? Buttons?

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I've started working on the logo and business cards, the results of which are in a new dropbox folder entitled school factory branding kit.

Along the way I noticed some things on the website that I'll list here.

  • the about us: people page is blank

space federation page -

  • hipchat has two seperate links inside it, one on the h that goes no where and one for the rest that seems correct. 
  • the links on the make a space kit inside of space federation do not exist.
  • and the sector 67 link is broken. 

School for communities (navigation bar button)

  • most of the inside pages are not linked, even pages that have links elsewhere. 

Changing what's normal about schools. 

  • each of the spaces' photos should have links in them
  • pumping station page has no content. 

Schools for communities (lower table)

  • web414 page's 1st post looks like spam, as though a bot got into the server. you might want to check your password. 
  • Vizthinkmke has no link
  • the milwaukee spotlight film festival seems as though it hasn't updated since 2009. wasn't there just a showing a week or two ago? 


Assigned: Sasha Hay » James Carlson

I could really use some access to current materials to develop the copy of some of these documents. In particular I would appreciate:

  • the illustrator files for the school factory logo, bucketworks logo, any other relevant iconography.
  • any manifestos, mission statements, goal statements etc. 
  • any of the documents that fill the roles of the items requested in this case. 

Thank you!


draft 1:


the quote at the bottom is just heresay so I'm open to suggestions/ debate on that. 

let me know what you think about the logo rearrangement. I'm trying to make it a little more square so it has some more utility. 



For the archive, attached are AI files of Space Federation logo and School Factory logo.


Due Date: »Friday, May 11

Please help me break all of the bullets in Sasha's comment #1 above into separate tasks. If the issue still exists, assign it to me with a deadline of 5/17. If it is no longer an issue, resolve the task as you create it.

This will help us improve our marketing and communications-- good observations.