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Provide FTP access to server on which survey is hosted

Task: Provide FTP access to server on which survey is hosted


Migrate existing survey from current host: INSERTURL

Create SFTP access for


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Project: Develop Space Kit » 4/14 work day

as soon as Alexander has this, we can keep working on the survey


Assigned: James Carlson » Willow Brugh

What is the url of the server where the survey lives presently?


I have no idea. Kevin and Ashe know/knew. The site itself lives at


It lives on the same server as (

The Drupal install is located at: /var/www

The site folder is: /var/www/sites/

I could create a shell/SFTP user on the server.  But I'm not sure what good that would do without giving the user 'sudo' perms. Since there are a lot of other sites there, 'sudo' could be dangerous.

I don't the back story, so I don't know what you're trying to accomplish. Are you trying to get a copy of the site and it's database to migrate it somewhere else? Or create a user on the site so you can log in?  If it's something like those things I can do it for you.

Just let me know!



Where are we on this?  Is this something I can help with?  I also dont know the backstory.


Willow, is this something you could fill me in via phone and I can manage from there?

Is this still a thing we need to do?


Assigned To: Willow Brugh»
Status: Open»Deferred
Due Date: »Thursday, May 10

This is no longer on my plate.