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Specifics for Advertising/PR Purposes

Task: Specifics for Advertising/PR Purposes

Assigned To: 
Patrick Schley


So, I need to get the specifics for advertising purposes for Greater Tuna. 
At the last meeting, Patrick informed me that things are being covered.

Please get me the following asap for PR release information:
-Image (Hallie - please elaborate on this - Hallie is our Visual Designer)
-Specific Dates/Times
(Ticket prices are $10?  Since there is a slight surcharge and since that is what we have charged in the past.)

I am assuming the following has been taken care of:
-Ticket set up on Brown Paper
-Confirming tech dates/times in the space with In Tandem
-Rights Purchasing

Thanks so much! Please let me know ASAP!

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Hey guys!

Please send me and Gretchen the photo you wish to use on the poster and any other specifics you want to see included.  We need to create this and get it out asap so we can advertise for the show.

My email address is





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I need to follow up with Samuel French about the rights. They were requested more than a month ago but we never got anything. I will call them on Monday.

Also, I started a thread earlier in the summer about ticket prices. You've charged $7 in the past, is everyone okay with it being $10? I think that you could definitely get away with $10.


Also, just post the photo here - that way everyone can see it! You can click the + sign next to file attachments, below the comment box, and upload your photo.


Alright! Once it gets all figured out - just give me the information so I can get on Advertising/Press Releases soon.

Also, we did charge $10 a ticket for "Star Spangled Girl" and "Complete Works" - and it seemed to work fine.  (We made a $9.01 profit off of each ticket because of the service charges on Brown Paper Tickets). 
I remember - I think we decided the $10 because it was an easy even number too!

"A Little More Than Kin" was the show where we only did a $5 suggested donation - which made sense at that point, since it was our first show.

Keep me posted about the finance issues too.



Hello all,

I have not heard any definite response or confirmations.  This is a concern. The only people who have responded to this thread have been myself, Patrick and Hallie.

I have heard that the only person who has the photo is Eric - and yes, he is out of the country.  (The only way I know this is because I have had to hunt people down by phone, email, facebook etc.). 
We need updates about Fundraising.  I am pretty sure we need $400 up front for right costs.  When signing on to do this show, it was also committing to working on funds/fundraising efforts.  I have heard nothing regarding this issue.

Before I start any advertising/press efforts - I need a definite confirmation that this show IS still happening and to confirm specific dates, times and ticket prices (even if we don't have the image).

I am not "project leader" of this show (or title of show), however, if things start falling apart - it does effect others - including the name of The World's Stage, other members, myself as Artistic Director and even Bucketworks.
This lack of communication has got to stop. It is not my job to find people and have to send multiple messages, phone calls, emails just to get basic information and a brief update on the production.

We are running out of time.  So, I am setting a deadline: I need to have everything confirmed (and an image - if we are using one) by the end of the day Friday, August 5th. 



After repeated contacts, I have not heard a yea or nay from Samuel French about the rights for this show. I propose we proceed - because we've taken all the steps neccesary to do this, they have just not responded.


Assigned: Laura Troshynski » Patrick Schley


Thank you for finally responding.  A lot of us have been trying to get a hold of you.  I gave the August 5th deadline.
However, I am not holding that firm, since I have been in contact with the rest of the cast and they have been working hard.  We just had a major production meeting last night to discuss issues. 
From the production/rehearsal aspect - everything is right on track.

We have been very concerned about rights/licensing and setting up tickets.  From my standpoint, I can't move ahead with advertising until these have been figured out.  Also, none of the rights issues have been communicated to myself or to the cast or Eric (project leader of Greater Tuna). 

After the meeting, we agreed to contact Samuel French to figure this out.  I took the responsibility for calling.  I talked to them earlier today and was told that they tried contacting you (mentioned Patrick from Bucketworks) the first weekend of July concerning an issue.

I inquried further and found out that they still needed to get billing information and that they couldn't proceed with issuing us rights until an outstanding charge from a previous production had been paid. 
a $150 rights fee for a production called "Jake's Women" that was produced sometime in 2006.

I even then asked (and was willing) if The World's Stage Theatre Company could proceed and pay for the account with an individual card account.  They said that we are "technically" affliated with Bucketworks - that the account information has to come through you guys.

The direct number for Samuel French licensing for our production is: 1-866-598-8449 Ext: 173.  The man i spoke with name is Ji-bez (spelling?).  He was the person who gave me all this information.

Also, tickets either need to be set up on TicketLeap or Brown Paper Tickets. I can't advertise until I can direct people to a place where they can pre-order tickets and a phone number/website.

I was last told that these things were being taken care of or were already taken care of.  My authority in this area had been revoked since the meeting in early July.
Since none of this is taken care of - none of this was communicated to the cast of Greater Tuna, Eric (Project Leader), or myself as Artistic Director.
These issues are all very concerning to me - (especially with the time - it is almost mid August - the production goes up in a little over 2 weeks.)



All of this lines up with what I've been told and with what I know. 

I'm uncomfortable proceeding any further with advertising or ticketing until we have rights; the last thing we need to deal with right now is a law suit. 

Also, Patrick, Laura claims that she sent you a fairly comprehensive rehearsal schedule a month or so ago, could you send that to James? A few days ago he talked to me about "needing to reserve space" and I was under the impression we had that taken care of. 




I agree with Eric.  That is why I don't want to proceed with advertising either, and am concerned since the production date is closely approaching.



(As you all might recall I am in the UK right now... working as best I can with limited online availability...)

S French may have an incorrect contact number for us, as we never received any calls or e-mails from them (or if they called no message was left), and they haven't replied to any of my calls or e-mails that have been placed since I initially requested the rights in mid-June.

That outstanding charge is news to me - I don't know what that production was or who produced it. It was not Primary Colours, unless that was something they tried to do before I started working with them that never actually happened. As it is now nearly 5pm central (11pm in the UK) it is probably too late for me to call them today; I will make contact tomorrow as time allows.

The schedule I received didn't indicate when you wanted to rehearse at Bucketworks - just what the overall schedule was. Could you please let me know what dates you'll need in the next few weeks and I'll put them on the calendar. Starting today James is also out of the country so we are both working remotely as we can.


Left a message with him today. Apparently he is on Pacific time and I was assuming he was on eastern like most of the company. Too many time zones. Will try again later as time allows.



Sounds good.  Keep us posted - because I hope this can be taken care of soon.
Also, when you get a chance, can we set up the TicketLeap or Brown Paper and get the account information for that (for atleast myself and Eric), so we can start pre-selling tickets and I can provide that information in the Press Release Materials and on the Posters.

Thanks so much.  We will be in touch!  Hope the rest of your trip is going awesome-ly!


TicketLeap is all set up, and has been for months. I was waiting to hear back on the rights before I made the URL public. So literally once we get that sorted out it will be live at the click of a button. The address will be - you can go there now but you can't purchase anything.

This service doesn't offer phone sales (I don't think anyone did that anyway) but you can put my number: (414) 305-1324 ext 704 as a phone contact.


Sounds like a plan. 
Awesome - I will incorporate the web address and the phone number (your number at Bucketworks) into the advertising poster and formulate the press release using that information.

One quick note - I believe we are selling tickets for $10 (not $7) - since that is what we have done in the past (as I've stated above).
Also, do we get the full profit of the ticket we sell - or is there a surcharge for using the service (like there was for Brown Paper Tickets)?

Thanks!  I hope you hear back concerning rights soon.  Yes, it is the LA Office I talked to I believe.  It should still be during office hours right now actually (Pacific Time).



Patrick - 

We thought you would assume that everything on the schedule was meant to be rehearsed at bucketworks. We will make that more clear in the future. 


Finally got a hold of Jabez. So apparently in the bureaucrazy (mis-spelling intentional) of Samuel French, they had to get pre-payment from us for this show, and he apparently called me in July to arrange that. I searched thru my Google Voice acct and there was no record of that call. Biiiig surprise. He also found the past-due contract (never signed, also big surprised) for a show that Primary Colours wanted to produce but never did. Needless to say, they frankly have very little organization and it's all rather frustrating.

So, for my own benefit, here's what I need to do on Monday when I get back stateside:

  • Write a letter on School Factory letterhead in reference to contract # 525611 for JAKE'S WOMEN stating that the production never occurred and the contract should be cancelled. Address to Samuel French, Inc at 7623 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046. FAX to Jabez at 323.876.5482.
  • He will then call me to arrange prepayment for GREATER TUNA. I will contact Sue from our business support team to facilitate.

He reinforced that we are approved for GREATER TUNA - so I am going to turn on ticket sales and I think we can move forward. The above steps will be taken care of in short order once I am back in the country.

Yeesh. Apparently they have reorganized their offices and Wisconsin is now in the jurisdiction of the west coast and they've re-investigated all files. Meaning freaking 5 year old unsigned unpaid contracts opened by defunct theatres are on their radar screen.... mrrg.


Patrick - 

Thank you for the hard work, this has been one hell of a logistical log-jam. 


YAH! We can start advertising! 
Thanks for figuring that out - it was a headache over here too for us! Oih vey!  Yeah, it was weird that we couldn't even move forward when I offered - when I talked to the people at Samuel French also.

Bottom line: I am excited to move forward.



P.S. Are there any surcharges on Ticket Leap?


Also, here are the confirmed dates that I spoke to Laura about (and I just confirmed them with Jane at In Tandem).

"Greater Tuna" Schedule at In Tandem

Wednesday, Aug 24th Load in/Tech 4:00-10:00pm
Thursday, Aug 25th Tech 4:00-8:00pm

Performances: (all calls for actors will be 1 hr and 30min before each show time
Friday, August 26th at 8:00pm (actors call: 6:30pm)
Saturday, August 27th at 8:00pm (actors call: 6:30pm)
Sunday, August 28th at 2:00pm (actors call: 12:30pm)

I'll definitely try to come in when I can!  Also, I am going to try to get a photographer in on one of the Tech days for promotional and documentation purposes - Do you think you guys will be ready for that on the Thursday, August 25th date?  (I'm not making any promises as of yet though that I can get one).

One last thing I need to know - do you want doors open for tickets before shows at 30 minutes or 1 hour?



TicketLeap adds a $1 per ticket fee that is passed on to the purchaser, and then there is the standard deduction taken by PayPal. We will end up with $8-9 per ticket.