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Task: Fundraising!

Assigned To: 
Patrick Schley


So, I found this organization/online site called IndieGoGo - and I think it might be extremely beneficial to The World's Stage if we put something up on it.

Here is the link:
Here is the step-by-step process page:

It is a way for small businesses, causes, organizations etc. a site where people can donate directly to the group!  I did a lot of research on it and there is no cost at all up front.  The cost is only 4% of the total profit of what is fundraised! 
I would love to set one up for The World's Stage for a major fundraising effort this month.  It would be perfect since we are having the [title of show] fundraiser this month also.
That way - for future shows, we will have money to start with. 

I would be happy to set one up - however, the part that I would need help with is the "fiscally sponsered out of School Factory" - that way we can also say that the donations are Tax Deductable (which probably would generate more contributions).

Here is some more information copy and pasted from IndieGogo concerning the non-profit 501(c)3 status organizations and how to go about doing that:

"Are contributions tax-deductible?
If the campaign has 501c-3 nonprofit status or has fiscal sponsorship, the contribution can be tax-deductible if funds are disbursed via PayPal directly to the tax exempt organization. Contributors should contact the non-profit or fiscal sponsorship organization directly for instructions on getting a receipt for tax purposes, and consult their tax advisers about how to deduct.

With IndieGoGo's partnerships with Fractured Atlas and the San Francisco Film Society (SFFS), all contributions to campaigns that are fiscally-sponsored by those organizations can be tax-deductible.

My campaign is fiscally sponsored, but not by Fractured Atlas or SFFS. How do I use IndieGoGo?
Create a campaign on IndieGoGo as you normally would. Then set up your funding section so that your contributions flow to your fiscal sponsor directly. To do so, use PayPal as your only payment option, and include the email address associated with the PayPal account of your campaign's fiscal sponsor instead of your campaign's email address. This will link your IndieGoGo campaign to your fiscal sponsor's financial accounts."

Like I said, I would be happy to set it up and take care of all the managing.  But I would need help with setting up the direct financial part since I am not in charge of the accounts.


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Fundraising Update - Donation Ask Letters.

I received a check from Culvers in Shorewood for $50 made out to School Factory.  (Plus free ice cream coupons!!!)
When is a good time to come in and who should I give this to to deposit in The World's Stage account?

This is exciting!!!  (I am working on major fundraising efforts and sent out a bunch of donation ask letters to different Milwaukee area businesses).