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Basic Cleaning Ops / AHA

Task: Basic Cleaning Ops / AHA

Work with Ops & AHA to coordinate general cleaning (Shopvac, wipe tables down, take trash out)

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I'm working with Ops staff this week to ensure general things happen throughout the space more often, ie: Trash removed, floor shopvac'd, etc.

Current Goals:

1) Remove all contents from the floor that aren't Chairs, Tables, Shelves, People.

2) Store all items in bot noise, in a WELL ORGANIZED & LABELED FASHION

3) Remove all contents from Lockers that are not labeled, and do not belong to AHA and its current paying members.

4) Organize all of the mini bins we have (that are full of electronic parts, small tools, nuts & bolts, etc.)

5) Create a centralized area where people can document cleaning / organization needs / status (what you're looking at right now)