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Parking barcamp mke 8

we need to find out if 50 people would be willing to pay 5 bucks for parking all day. if some how we can get emails to current members, and also add an option when regiered would at least tell if if its feesable to order parking passes or not.

If not we need to figgure out what we are going to do for parking.... park and ride? or some other way to get people in and out.

Press Release for BarCampMke8

Hey all,

A friend of mine, Jared Schritz, wrote a press release that I reviewed that I'm interested in circulating this week. This is largely edited from previous press releases we've used with some removals and additions. I'll copy it here for people to look over. Let me know if you have anything you want edited, etc! Also I currently have Tim as the contact point for the press release. Is that ok Tim or should I change that to another volunteer? :)


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BarCampMilwaukee8 - Going Retro!

OK folks, I've has a few people ask me if BarCamp is happing this year, and of course the answer is YES! Because, that's what we do.

So here's my ideas: We go totally retro, and make this BarCamp like the first BarCamp, very little structure, very little planning, very little everything that we normally do up front.

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Food sponsors

Hey all,

I remember someone saying something about successfully getting a food sponsor for the dinner period for the next BarCamp. Does anyone remember this? Just trying to get the food issues organized as well. My memory is telling me that there was a basic breakfast available in the past (coffee, doughnuts), some lunch, and some dinner. I don't know if we'll be able to hit all three this year, but being able to do any of the three I think would be good.

BarCamp site updates

Hey all,

I remember a couple people volunteering to help with the BarCamp site updates:

I remember a couple things needed to get done before we media blast people to sign up.

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Last used press release

Hey all,

Anyone know where a copy of the last used press release is? Also I'll need a list of the places we've sent the press release out to in the past. I'll just take the press release and I'd like to get it sent out on Monday.


Bubble wrap quote

I keep forgetting to send this out, so I figured I'd just post it here...

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Hangout Call Tonight

Hey all,

Gary and I just met quick on a g hangout tonight. Some updates on our end:

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Hello BarCampers...

Are you interested in seeing BarCampMilwaukee8 happen in 2013?

Need help?


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