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BarCampMilwaukee7 is scheduled for October 6th & 7th at Bucketworks.

Planning hasn't officially started yet, but it will soon.

So check back in a month or so.

Unless you just can't wait.

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Planning has started--so far, it's just me and Tim and Bucketworks members doing it. We're making sure Bucketworks is set up for a fantastic Barcamp Milwaukee! 

Maybe we should start organizing this group for collaboration so we can knock BCMKE7 out of the park?



We should... And I believe Whil wanted to be much more involved this time, so Whil... whatcha got!?


Where do we send sponsor/donation $? Scott



Pete, James, count me in on being involved too.

On Friday, May 11, 2012 at 9:00 AM, Pete Prodoehl wrote:


I'm in to get back to helping more this year.


Yup, I'm in. Traveling for the next few weeks during the week, but will catch up on these threads this coming Friday.



Count me in, of course. But not till after June 3. ;-)


Can we count on you to promote BCMKE7 at WordCamp? :)


BarCamp will most definitely be actively promoted at WordCamp. Scott O.


We'll need at least two people do to web site stuff... one as the tech lead/support for Drupal (Drupal needs updating, site stuff needs updating) and one for the content stuff. (I'm happy to help with content, which right now consists of changing "BarCampMilwaukee6" to "BarCampMilwaukee7" and changing any date specific stuff from last year.)



I'm happy to help with the back-end server stuff.  Just provide me with any kind of user/pass login to the machine or add my ssh key here: and send me a user/host name to log into.

 - Tony


Hey all,

Willing to help out too. I'd help with website stuff, but I haven't written anything with Drupal before. Otherwise I could help with other things as well.


Id be willing to help out as well... not sure if there is anything needed from me though


We just got a sponsorship request! I've followed up with an email...

How is the planning going?

Are the shirts desgined yet? :)


Let's get this together in the next couple of weeks. Pete, Meghan Koven can handle any donation requests and account for them for BarCampMKE. I will add her to this group and let her know.


Thanks... should we plan on doing a Google Spreadsheet again to track sponsors & donations? It's worked very well the past few years...


My employer Safe Bridge Solutions is sending a check specifically for KidsCamp.  I've solicited others for KidsCamp donations.  I've got some supplies left over from last year that I'll bring.  I'm hoping to get donations for KidsCamp to cover everything this year.

I'm brainstorming to see what different things KidsCamp can do this year, so if anyone has suggestions let me know.


Thanks Scott, that's awesome... I guess we need to segment funds though... Meghan, any issues with that?


No issues that I can think of, so long as we track it separately.  I will add a tab to our spreadsheet specifically for KidsCamp.

Pete: Can you assist me in coordinating with Scott to get the details we're missing in the spreadsheet?


Depending on the amount of time we have, there's always 3D printing of things... I think kids might like that. Thingiverse has a lot of toys and other stuff. Some takes a long time to print, but figuring out smaller things might help. I'm pretty sure we'll have a lot more 3D printers this year than we did last year.


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