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KidsCamp Planning


KidsCamp Planning

It's getting closer to KidsCamp time.  Once again I ask everyone's help brainstorming things to do and for volunteers.

Also, if you're trying to get sponsors, please ask for sponsorship money for KidsCamp.  I'd like to find enough sponsors to fully fund KidsCamp.

Here are some things I've been thinking about:

  • Craft table - I'll definitely bring this back again.  It's been a hit for the past 2 years.
  • Computers - I setup 4 computers last year.  This seemed to be a good thing.
  • Makerspace Kits - The Milwaukee Makerspace folks graciously helped out kids who were interested in learning to solder and put together a kit.  I'd like to have enough funding to pay for whatever kits kids would like to put together.  I don't know if there are any kid-oriented kits, or if some could be hacked together.
  • Legos - It would be cool if someone would volunteer to either have a session, or give one-on-one help to kids interested in learning more advanced things about building Lego models.  I'd love to be able to purchase some smaller kits for kids to build and take home if interested.
  • Photography and Video - I was thinking of getting some cheap still cameras and flip style video cameras along with memory cards.  Volunteers who are interested in photography and video could help kids out and show them the ropes and help them with getting good pics and video of BarCamp.  Memory cards can be taken home.  Bonus points for showing editing skills.  Even more awesome would be publishing the kids creations.
  • Hackety Hack/Scratch - If someone would volunteer to lead a session to show kids how to build their own creations using either Hackety Hack or Scratch, that would be cool.

Let's discuss!

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I would be interested in helping out with this.  Especially since I'm planning on bringing my minions.


Any interest in helping us make Nerdy Derby happen? See some info here:

and here:

It's like the Pinewood Derby, but with no rules! (Well, almost no rules.)

A bunch of us are planning on bringing supplies to build cars. Our plan was to do it Saturday night with adults, but maybe we can also do a Sunday race for kids (and adults?)


Count me in.

Curtis Allen Gibeaut Jr.


We'll bring a couple seasons worth of Pinewood Derby cars made by our minions as well.


Thanks for helping out.

Anyone successful in securing any sponsorship for KidsCamp?  I have a sponsorship from my employer, but I've struck out with everyone else I've asked.

So far here's what we'll provide:

- craft table
- computers
- Nerdy Derby (makerspace)
- create your own t-shirt
- soldering/3d printing? (makerspace) I'm assuming this will happen again.  The mke makerspace was very generous with their help last year with the kids

Please get the word out about KidsCamp.  My concern is that there will be only a small handful of kids there this year due to the low number of registered campers at this point in time.

On Saturday I'd like to run a session about the KidsCamp and why I think it's important.  Also, I'd like to brainstorm turning this into more than just a BarCampMilwaukee thing.


How much money do you need for KidsCamp? Would in-kind be acceptable? And if so, what do you need?

Who can we reach out to I order to get more kiddies present?


I got $100 from my employer.  I would think that another $100 or so would be ok.  I'll end up donating funds also.

In the past I've spent around $100 for crafting supplies.  I have a bunch of stuff leftover from last year that I'll be bringing.  I'll get more crafting stuff.  If there are extra funds, I wanted to get some of the cheap Lego kits, maybe some cheap video cameras.

Not sure what else at this point.  I haven't seen any other suggestions.

Reach out to whomever has kids?  I'll be reaching out to the local Madison homeschool community.  I also periodically say something on Twitter/Facebook.


What kind of crafting supplies do we need? I have a tendency to accrue much random crafting supplies and would be happy to bring whatever I can.


Scott, I'd like to work with you on the session on KidsCamp--we've been developing a program called MakerScouts (see and that we'd like to launch at BarCamp MKE--possibly to the kids at KidsCamp! This is a 21st century STEAM program and the initial activities to get a 'tribe' started. What do you say?


Yes! This is awesome. My wife and I have been lamenting the scouting org choices these days. This looks like the start of something really great!


In the past i've brought a mixture of various paper, colored pencils, markers, scissors, glue sticks, popsicle sticks, foam pieces, pipe cleaners. That kind of stuf. I also get different craft kits and the cool wood 3D models.  The sky is the limit, I think. Anything that can be used creatively.


I'll give an email response a shot... I might recommend hardware nuts and bolts and metal stap with holes as one option as well for building stuff. Also, I'll have to figure out how to donate, but I'll pitch in $100 and with employer matching, you'll have another $100 after the appropriate persons within the recipient org fill out a single page general info document. Peter Sent from my iPhone


You rock, Peter.

I like the idea of nuts, bolts, and metal strap.


How to donate?

Also, if you let me know, I can get a logo/link on the web site, etc.



I can try to bring some of the wooden craft sticks I bought for BarCampMilwaukee2 in 2007... I still have some left over. :)


Is this sort of like how I always forget hot glue guns and hot glue sticks? :)


Hopefully we'll have the parts needed to build Derby cars... so they can be decorated with AWESOME!


Taking stock of things as they currently stand re KidsCamp:

I think we'll officially have the following activities which I'll post as sessions on the bcmke website.  I'll also update the KidsCamp page.

- Craft table
- Computers preloaded with Scratch and HacketyHack
- Makerspace electronics kits (Pete, I'm assuming this will happen, please correct me if untrue)
- Makerspace 3D printing
- Kids Nerdy Derby (Makerspace)
- Create your own t-shirt
- metal strap fun

I'm also planning on getting a number of the small Lego kits to hand out.


I don't know if Makerspace electronics kits will be included... I'm not the guy who does those, and I'm not sure who would be heading it up. I can ask on the list...

As for 3D printing, I'm assuming there will be printers there (I'll probably bring mine) though I'm not sure at what level I'll be involved in KidsCamp with it.

Nerdy Derby? YES. I will have lots of parts to build cars... hopefully kids can decorate them as well withthe crafting supplies.

(And I'm afraid to ask what "metal strap fun" is.)


I think the electronics kits last year were kind of off the cuff and someone from the makerspace generously helped folks out.

KidsCamp should be able to reimburse materials costs to the Makerspace.

If no one from the Makerspace is interested in volunteering, that's fine. There's plenty of other things to do.

Metal strap fun... Yeah that was poor wording at best. There was an idea of procuring a bunch of metal strap, bolts, and nuts so kids can build with them. Sounds like a good idea to me. Anyone know a good cheap source?  Know home depot carries all sorts of shapes and sizes that woul be great to build with, but it would be pricey. Maybe it's out of budget?

On Sep 20, 2012 7:59 AM, Pete Prodoehl <> wrote:


Are supplies still needed and if so can you give me an idea of what you're looking for?  I'm sure I can dig around in my basement and find lots of old crafts supplies... fabric pain, maybe some other stuff and maybe bits and pieces for the nerdy derby?  Not sure what is needed but happy to check the old junk supplies...


I did go shopping for crafty supplies. However, we can always use paper, glue, crayons, markers, pencils, hot glue guns, weird craft bits, foam things, pipe cleaners, puffballs, etc. Nerdy derby parts and fabric paint would be wonderful. Scott


I should have 3 hot glue guns (we may also need some these and some crafty supplies for the Nerdy Derby cars.)


There will hopefully be plenty of crafty supplies to make some awesome cars. More importantly, there are prizes. Well, that is unless there are more kids than expected. You never really know what the turnout will be like. The glue guns are the bane of our existence Pete. Both of us usually forget the glue guns, the glue sticks for the guns, or both.
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