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Preparing Bucketworks

Task: Preparing Bucketworks


We'll need to make sure we have enough folding tables--we do have plenty of chairs--we need projectors, etc.

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Does anyone want to take on this task?

I will provide one projector, and possibly one long table.

Anyone else?


I can add a whiteboard to the mix.  But I'm short on chairs and tables.


Here's a map of how Bucketworks needs to be setup for Barcamp. Just getting chairs and tables in place from around the building is the best way for people to help. Of course, extension cords run to tables and throughout are important as well.

Click to expand, or download attached PDF if you are able to help setup.


Setup Times:

  • Tonight from 6pm - 11pm
  • Tomorrow from 8am to 4pm

Any time any of you want to come, call or text 414-215-0215 and I will get you the access code.


Other setup duties you can help with: 

  1. Putting a garbage can in every room (available from garage)
  2. Check bathrooms and make sure TP and towels are in place
  3. Straighten up kitchen area
  4. Run extension cords and power strips along floor and in each of the session rooms (see map above)
  5. Empty all existing trash containers (trash is taken to dumpster in alley behind building)

Please help if you can! Cleaning supplies and garbage bags, towels and toilet paper are all located in the Loading Dock:


James, thanks for such great descriptions of what needs to be done!  The H2OScore team will be around to help out tonight.


I'll be there tomorrow afternoon, and should have some tables, extension cords, power strips, Time Lapse Bot, coolers, etc...


Due Date: »Wednesday, Sep 26

The dim projector broke down last week. Any replacement(s) coming?