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Barcamp Milwaukee Organizers FAQ

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Barcamp Milwaukee Organizers FAQ

Who do we write out checks to for donations?

  • Make them out to Bucketworks

Is the donation tax-deductible?

  • Yes

What is our hash tag?

Who manages the website?

  •  It was designed by Kevin Ciesielski and Ashe Dryden. (Ashe will not be involved this year. Pete Prodoehl will be a content guy and annoying reminder guy.)

How much do we ask for sponsorship?

  • $250 or in-kind amounts ($250 gets you a letter stating the tax-deductibleness of the donation.)
  • Or for community-groups, whatever they can give.

Who handles updates to the website?

  • Pete Prodoehl and others. (TBD!)
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The notebook section provides a way for you to store and share information with your group members. With the book feature you can:

  • Add book pages and organize them hierarchically into different books.
  • Attach files to pages to share them with others.
  • Track changes that others have made and revert changes as necessary.
  • Archive books that are no longer of interest to the group. Archived books can be reactivated later if needed.