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BarCampMilwaukee6 T-Shirts


BarCampMilwaukee6 T-Shirts

At this point, just 6 weeks out from BarCampMilwaukee6, I'm uncertain we will have the funds for both food and t-shirts.

T-shirts are a tradition for BarCampMilwaukee, and we've had them at every previous event.

That said, we still need sponsors, or donations, if we are to cover the cost of shirts.

This is the info I have on t-shirts from BarCampMilwaukee5:

The cost of shirts was $722.71

The size distribution was:

  • 4 Kid M
  • 6 Kid L
  • 15  S
  • 31  M
  • 34  L
  • 42  XL
  • 22  XXL
  • 8    XXXL

Total 162

As usual, I'm fine with specific strategies like "only the first 100 people to register get shirts" or something, which would allow us to order a lower amount of shirts.

If all else fails, we can use an online shop to provide a shirt to people that they can buy on their own, which will obviously cost a bit more per unit than what we could get ordering a larger quantity locally, but it's a fallback solution if we cannot provide shirts.

We're open to suggestions here... so if you have one, please share it!



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I talked to Too Much Metal Fred who will give us a quote on shirts if we get some more details.  I'm willing to pitch in for shirts, and i figure a few others are as well.

I'll nail down a quote on shirts assuming the distribution in sizes above as well as 1 or 2 colors and 1 or 2 sided.  If we work with Fred, some of us could probably help pull the screens and do the actual printing as well, which would be fun.

Is anyone up for designing a new shirt?  I could give something a shot, but i probably won't get to it for a while.



Thanks Jason!

I have no idea who "Too Much Metal Fred" is, but Whil is not responding to any of the shirt discussion, so I don't even know if he still wants to be the T-shirt Czar....

That said, I say go ahead and do some talking, and we'll figure it out from there.


Hello BarCampers.... any news on the tshirt front? People offered to kick in funds, but no one followed through... without more sponsors we may need to choose between shirts and food.


Reminder.... shirts may not happen.

We could use some assistance on this.


Well, no assistance... but it looks like we should be able to cover the cost of shirts (up to $750, like last year.)

And since we only have 50 people registered, we may be able to spend even less on shirts!

Which reminds me, we should have a date cut-off for getting a shirt... say, September 16th? Register after that and we cannot guarantee a shirt.)

Now all we need is artwork... right Whil?


You may risk disappointing people that don't hear about the event until they get that Yelp email later yet in the month. I have no better solution at hand, just throwing out the observation.


Alex, that is certainly possible... though I think we've always had a cut-off date, and in the past we just printed more hoping to cover the difference.

Right now though, we're looking at less than half of the funds that were raised for BCMKE4 and BCMKE5, so my thoughts are that even if we can supply shirts to the first 100 or so people who register, and feed everyone (with almost nothing left for Bucketworks) we're doing ok...

But as always, please suggest alternatives, and we can explore them.


I can raise some of the funds for the shirts, but we need a design.  Does anyone have an awesome shirt idea burning a hole in their sould and/or mind?  Let's say that next wednesday is the cutoff for a design.  We need to get things moving ASAP if we are really going to have shirts made and it all starts with the design.  I'll find the money if you find the awesome design  :/


Jason, I will have a design by next week.


Jason and Whil, I will have a design right now:

Still in progress... but hopefully someone hates it enough to create an alternative, or loves it enough that we can end this thing now.


Looking good! We'll see what else comes in, but this looks pretty good, too.

thanks, pete.


Emma did this sketch today.... any thoughts on it?


Whil, Jason...

Who is doing what? It's getting confusing:


What's confusing?

1. I've been waiting for the website to be up and running since May. It was finally up in mid-August.

2. I also asked for mailing list info at the beginning of the summer. No responses.

3. I pinged my t-shirt vendor on 8/3.

4. Website was up mid-August but I didn't have rights to make a blog post until late Wed night, 8/24.

5. Unfotunately, I was out of town Wed morning through the weekend with a customer.

6. I made a blog post on 8/29 that has recieved a few responses so far.

7. However, during that time, there was suddenly angst about whether money would be available. I've been waiting to see if there was going to be money before pushing harder. Looks like there will be?

8. I've got a schedule set with my printer - same as last year.

Despite my being out of town for the majority of the last two weeks, this is still all happening approximately on the same timeline as last year.

It would have been nice (i.e. less angst-producing) had we been able to get going earlier, but I was shot down when I suggested it.



Apologies for any confusions....

As you know this is all volunteer time towards these things... that said, I will try to address your issues:

1. Yes, we are slow. Thanks to David Snopek and Kevron for getting the site live.

2. This is the mailing list... as it were.

3. Thanks!

4. Sorry...

5. Understandable.

6. Yeah, people don't respond much unless you hit them over the head. I too have been pushing, but saw little response. Alex Falkenberg did post some ideas on Google+, and I put some on Flickr.

7. Yes, we have money for shirts. At least the same amount as last year. (Assuming we will need to coordinate numbers of campers, list of sponsor names, etc.)

8. Thanks!

Sorry if anyone shot you down... Earlier is very often better. We should all remember that.

As for the confusion on my part... Jason offered to fund shirts, find a printer, ger some quotes, etc. two weeks ago in this thread, and I didn't see any reply from you.

Whil, as you are the designed "T-shirt Czar" I am prepared to put this fully in your hands to deal with. If Jason wants to be in charge of shirts next year, he should volunteer and he can get the official title (assuming you don't want to fight him for it.)

All good?


Sorry, guys, about all the website issues. I was brought into this process pretty late in the game. I've already lost track of if there is anything that still needs to be done on the site? Please let me know if so. I'll try to step up my game! :-)


These are the sponsor names for the back of the shirts as of 2011-09-13: (Just added "Attron LLC")

  • Bucketworks
  • Web414
  • Hentzenwerke Publishing
  • RasterWeb!
  • DJH Solutions
  • ethercycle
  • Size43
  • Orion Group
  • Yelp
  • Milwaukee Makerspace
  • BarCampTour
  • Mod Mobile LLC
  • Paladin Web Services
  • The DHMN
  • Circuit
  • Twilio
  • Rohdesign
  • Quintessential Mischief LLC
  • Barcamps US
  • Milweb1
  • Sticker Giant
  • Attron LLC

They need not appear in this order on the shirt. This order just designates the order in which they agreed to sponsor.

If we get more sponsors, I will update this list and make note of it.


Hey Whil.

Totally happy to let you take over the shirts.  As pete said, we didn't hear from you on the other thread, so i jumped in to try to get things started.

Still happy to kick in some cash if we need to for the shirts.



Thanks Jason... I think we will be fine for funding the shirts.. if you want to kick in any, that would be great.

Otherwise there's always the "Saturday Night Libation" fund. :)


Whil, any update on the shirt art?

The deadline has passed, correct?

(Also, did you get my note on having to remove one of the names?)


Only two submissions. I was kinda hoping to see more show up today, but there just isn't ANY traffic on the website or in my email. That's pretty disappointing.

We have to remove Google?


I will need quantity and distribution of sizes tomorrow (Tuesday.)


Whil, am I the only one who submitted art!? We just can't put Google's name on the shirt. (We had the same issue with Microsoft in the past...) I'll need help from David Snopek to get the size distribution... And did you see my note on 3 extra for our German sponsor?


Yes, you're the only one who submitted art that was usable. One other person forwarded a draft and a whiny email from a third person about how they weren't given enough time to do justice to this type of project.

Now that you mention the '3 extra', it sounds familiar. Not on this thread, though. What sizes?

And I never heard back about shirts for KidsCamp from Scott.



As for the Germans, 3 size Large shirts please!


Sorry.  I've been really busy with other things and then we've had a fun round of some nasty stomach bug going around at my house.

I'm going to try to play catch up and get some posts out about KidsCamp.  I need to get working sending some emails around.

As far as kids t-shirts go, unless there's extra money to add a few more kids shirts at the M and L level, I'd say don't worry about it.  I'd rather the kids have a fun time than to worry about shirts.


I'd hope we could do some kid sizes as we did last year...

We got 162 shirts last time, so there should be plenty to go around since we have only 70 people registered so far this year.


SO what's the final count? I need to tell them the quantity and size distribution today. And what's the budget in terms of how many for kids?


Whil, I'll compile the numbers.


I keep typing a novel about all of this. I've now stopped.

I apologize for not submitting any final art, esp. after posting a few ideas. I really wanted to. I have been doodling ideas for months. The circumstances and timing just did not allow it in the end. I do wish we had a better system for posting and judging and otherwise participating in communicating everyone's ideas, ultimately, but I can't blame anyone for that. Something else for me to ponder for next year, I guess.

That said, I've loved the past shirts, and I'll enjoy this year's too. Thanks for all that everyone involved has done (and continues to do). I know it's a lot of work shouldered by so very few.


Alex, thanks for making an attempt.... I agree, this should all be smoother, but as always, a bunch of volunteers, who have jobs, families, and lives... we fall behind.

I trust Whil to get us some awesome shirts this year, just like last year. :)


Every previous draft of my earlier comment included a bit about understanding how busy we all are, myself included. So no worries, I get it. :)


Whil, I'd propose the following:

  • 6 Kid M
  • 8 Kid L
  • 18  S
  • 32  M
  • 38  L
  • 38  XL
  • 10  XXL

Which should be 150 shirts versus the 162 we had last year.

I would therefore assume the cost to be equal to or less than $722.71 this year. (Especially since there are fewer XXL and no XXXL.)

If for some reason it's way cheaper (!) I leave it up to you to make a decision if you'd like to increase any numbers, just knowing that it would be great to not spend more than we did last year.

These are my padded numbers based on the numbers for registration. (I didn't want to include the actual numbers in this post for fear of confusing someone.)


Whil, what is the total number of shirts ordered, size breakdown, etc.

Is it different than what I proposed above?


I ordered exactly what you proposed, except that I added 5 XXXL, as those were VERY popular last year.

Total cost is $733.13. I need a check, payable to Will Enterprises, in order to pick the shirts up.


Whil, can you send me a postal address for mailing a check to?

(I know that sounds crazy, I'm trying to work on a quicker option if possible.)


Done! (Sent to your 1x1 and rasterweb emails.)


When should I be expecting a check? I need to schedule a time to go out west to pick up the shirts and would prefer not to do it at 5 pm Friday. :)


Let me check if James can get you a check ASAP.


Whil, I can get you a check any time--just need to physically get it to you. When can that happen? (See my schedule) I can also leave it at Bucketworks on my desk for you to pick up. 


Mail it please? If you throw it in the mail today I'll get it tomorrow. 980  East Circle, Milwaukee 53217. Thx.


Ok - Sheryl is mailing the check today. You should have it tomorrow.

Need help?


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