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Sponsor (and Non-Sponsor) Table


Sponsor (and Non-Sponsor) Table

So last year we had a table with a sign that said Sponsor Table upon which any sponsor could place literature, etc.

There was some issue because no-sponsors put stuff on it.

Here's my suggestion for this year...

Two tables, one that says Sponsor Table and one that says Non-Sponsor Table.

Maybe the Non-Sponsor Table is way smaller, or we just divid the table in two, with the Sponsors getting 90% of it, and the Non-Sponsors getting 10% of it.

Part of the reasoning would be that sponsors (the people who gave us money) should get a bit better treatment than people who didn't give us money.

Is this fair, or totally uncool?

Alternately, we could have a Community Table, where user groups, hackerspaces, non-profits, etc. can put stuff out.

Of course the Sponsor Table should still be larger, and prettier, and have streamers on it. :)


Anyone have some input on this?


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Well, choose either "Silence is consent" or "No news is good news" but it looks like once again I've nailed it and no one has any opposition to my proposal.

Or you're still formulating your rebuttal.

I'll give you a little more time then.


I like the two table idea.  Its a good idea to feature your sponsors, but barcamp is a community event. It isn't just the sponsors that make barcamp happen.  Everybody else should have a place where they can put stuff too.


I guess I just want to make sure there is a distinction. I don't want someone to walk in and put their companies brochers on the sponsor table and appear as if they are a sponsor.

If you're not an "official" sponsor (listed on the web site) we'll provide another space, with another label, but it won't be called "Sponsor Table" ... how does that sound?


You have my vote.

If we are to cheap for a second table, we can put all the non-sponsor stuff on the floor next to the table. :)


+1 on the streamers.

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