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Clarification needed about Fiscal sponsorship doc

Task: Clarification needed about Fiscal sponsorship doc

Assigned To: 
James Carlson


We just have two things we would like clarified before I sign the Fiscal Sponsorship.

1) In the document "Copy of Fiscal Sponsorship Policies" that you sent us in March under the section titled "Administrative Fees" it states "School Factory will retain one-half of all interest earned by a project’s funds on deposit."

What is the payment time-line on the interest? Yearly, quarterly or monthly?


2) The document also mentions multiple documents (such as volunteer liability releases).

Will you be providing us with temples of any and all documents we may need and what type of instruction will be given for their various uses?




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First question:
We would never have your funds on deposit, since we will transmit them directly to you upon receipt (assuming you have your own checking account.) So this does not apply. This would normally apply in the situation where we were acting as the 'bank' for a project, which would not be the case for you guys.

Second question:
Yes, we will provide complete instruction on the use of all documents and forms during the on-boarding process.

Anything else I can help you with? :)


Status: Open»Resolved
Type: Request»Problem
Due Date: »Sunday, Apr 29

I am going to resolve this task since it looks like you had no further questions! 

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