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Nominations for officers and board


Nominations for officers and board as of last nights meeting.

Director of the Board James Navarro

President Jeremy Osborn

Secretary George Spark-Stahl

Treasurer Daniel Johnson

Chief Technical Officer Kevin Wong

Board Lee Elliott

Board Tara Davis


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membership app and liabilty waivers

Since we have insurance now we need to get these done.   Dillon has the redacted forms that the Kart club was so nice to tell us we can steal  the nevada centric wording from.    He has them in PDF so if anybody has time before the grand opening to turn them into a Bridgewire document.  that would be wonderful.


Bill Payment


I set up the following automatic payments for NVEnergy, Waste Management and AT&T.

NVEnergy - 09/14 - $99.34

Waste Management - 09/15 - $115.82

AT&T - No Bill Yet

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