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Help move Beepods...Wednesday Morning...

Hey Everyone, 

Been dealing with all manner of unpleasant illness recently... kidney stones, cluster headaches... ya know. Anyhow, I'm long overdue for a final move outta Bucketworks and need some help. 

Wednesday sept 18  Morning 8-noon... can I get a few peeps to help move already palletted items using the pallet dolly... onto a commercial 26' truck. SHould not be too hard but really need some help.. 


lemme know charbee 414-617-7773

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Birth Announcement - Soren Carlson

On August 31, 2013 at 2:28am James and I welcomed a baby boy into our community.

We were released from the hospital early yesterday evening and are resting comfortably at home. 

We may stop by the office sometime this week to introduce our son :) 


Looking for a source of sheet Acrylic aka Plexiglas

Hi All,

I'm working on an Aquarium project, and I'm looking for black and clear acrylic sheet in 1/4" thickness, pieces about 24" x 48".

Does anyone know of a good source in the area?

Many thanks!

Members Meeting: WED, AUG 28, 7:00pm --- Bucketworks Summer Camp

NOTE: We are going to be house cleaning of our email list as we do not want to contribute to the spam deluge. If you aren't a regular participant in Bucketworks but still want to stay on this list, please comment on this post. 


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Grand ave mall new hardware has been installed

the new hardware has been installed. the passwords are identical to the 706 location.

if anyone has issues let me know thanks.


BW at 706 shutting its doors!

Please consider this the final notice for accessing the building on 706 South 5th Street. Unless you have made special arrangements with me, all access to the building will end momentarily. Thank you.



BW3 Network outage 7/28/13 at 706 s 5th street

Just wanted to let people know that the bucketworks network will beout for apox 4 hours starting at 7pm while i switch over all the information and remove several servers that bucketworks owns. 

Good Bye BW3!

On 7/30, from 4-9pm, we will be saying good bye to BW3 on 706 South 5th Street. We will provide beverage and food, but we do ask that attendees bring food or drink to pass. The grill will be hot and the deck will be open---extra points for people who get creative beyond meat and chips. We like veggies!

This event is for BW friends and family so don't be a stranger. Please join us as we close this chapter of Bucketworks and begin another.



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Art$upport MKE & School Factory

This weekend we will be participating in a fundraising adventure dreamed up by the Nonprofit Management Fund. The event is called Art$upport and features hundreds of "pop-up" art events all over Gallery Night & Day areas and the Brady Street Festival.

We (James Carlson and myself) will be showing both a pop-up planetarium and a photo project titled "the eyes of Gaia" on Broadway tonight at 8:30 near Lela and Friday night near Splash Wine Bar and Catalano Square.

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3-5 sentence bio please!

Current Members!

Please write a 3-5 sentence blurb on what it is you do and email it to me ( We want to tell the BW story to the rest of the world and would appreciate your help!



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